Greystone Partners Limited (“Greystone”) listed on the Eswatini Stock Exchange in November 2010. Initially, E85 million was raised from various local pension funds and institutions with the mandate to invest in mostly privately held companies in the Common Monetary Area (“CMA”). Greystone focuses on private equity investments with its portfolio mostly comprising of holdings in privately owned businesses operating in a range of sectors. Greystone has been a pioneer in the private equity  industry in Swaziland, with its purpose-built approach to investing in this market. Having initially raised E85 million, Greystone aims on growing from strength to strength and to be a leading investment holding company. 

Greystone has appointed African Alliance Swaziland Limited, a subsidiary of the African Alliance Group of companies, as manager of the investment portfolio. Private equity investments are a highly specialised investment area. The African Alliance Group, together with its affiliates, has an experienced team with a diverse range of skills to advise companies in which Greystone invests. The African Alliance Group has a unique pioneering philosophy that is aimed at providing our clients with solutions within a local context using our on-the-ground professionals. The African Alliance Private Equity Team has extensive experience in fund raising, structuring, executing and managing Private Equity transactions.